02 October 2009

happy birthday to my dearest

Happy Birthday to my dearest lao gong
hope dear happy in ur birthday le
sorry oh dear..laopo no money oh
so i cant paid all de money of that shoes
but laopo also need to say sorry de
coz laopo so early give u de present
1 month before leh..haha
haha my plan dear also noe wat i thinking
so geng ar so my plan also no need d le..
but i saw dear also very happy neh haha
hope every year also can celebrate with dear
coz wana see dear happy always
wish dear all ur dream come true oh...

24th nite going to sing k with Wen Hao, Kylie, Jack
then 25th noon going to watch movie
then nite having dinner at Shangri-La Hotel...
wow is damn tasty de leh haha
then midnite go drink beer with dear's brother
at The Curve-Scarlet...