31 March 2009


sunday i wake up early
then go out for my undang test..
uncle fatt finish fetch me then we go fetch yi shan too..
then only go fetch 1 guy
reached there juz only 7.30am...
wow damn early de..
me & shan keep talking non-stop from car going down the car
still talking non-stop..
then we 9.00am i think only go in take our undang test..
haha is very gen jeong actually...
luckily we are the 1st..
if not duno wait till wat time lo..
coz damn many people waiting de...
at 1st section...is colour blind question...
wow i finished do it i din check ba..
oh shit..luckily at last i correct all...
is 8/8 leh..haha..
2nd section is car number..
that is easy for anyone i think..
coz juz see wat is the number then choose ABC or D jek wor..
haha..5/5 yeah~~~then only 3rd section for undang
wow..got 50 question juz have 45minutes..
finish do it juz onli 25minutes i think...
then check back my answer...
i did change 5 answer tat i have choose...
finnaly my result is out...
is 46/50 leh..yeah~~ geng ar...
so izit luckily i got check ba then onli pass???

my result for undang test

haha...then bak on 10am...
we 3 oso pass leh...shan get 44/50 oh..not bad la..
shan: dun so disappointed la okie?
at least u are PASS wor...haha
then i bak shan's house..
coz call her teach me how to do assignment...
i am doing my business assignment
i reali duno how to do it..
but reali muz thanks shan
coz she help me alot...about the spelling & those can write it in my assignment
thanks darling...muacks big kiss for u okie??
then i bak on 3.30pm i think..
dear come fetch me..then we go have lunch at KFC
bcoz we have a coupon is 1 year ago take it de...
till now onli take it go eat..
coz i dun like to eat fast food actually haha...
me & shan decide study tat 6 hours course for learn car
then jao can started learn car de la...haha
yeah~~so fast yao 1 week lu...

yesterday dear is no working..
he fetch me go work, go take our lunch, go college, bak from college...
but i not treat dear is a driver okie??
thanks dear alot..
got free time or off day
jao pui laopo...haha feel so sweet..
our lunch taking at connaught TOM YAM....
then i bak to office...
wait till 5.30pm dear comes again...
he fetch me go college & pui me eat roti canai at mamak stall
then he onli bak..then i attent my accouting class..
wow today is damn many work to do de...
haha...nite dear is coming to fetch me bak
& we have dinner at Desa Aman..
having Teow Chew porridge...
is damn tasty de...
reached home by 10.30pm....
i finish taking bath..
we 2 put mask together..
haha taking few pictures that is funny
but cant post here la...is damn ugly de..haha
while put mask we playing cards..haha

today morning dear tell me that
his brothers coming bak today
& he need use car go Bangi for training
& will use de car put at Bangi till friday..
my god..shit de..
y put the car at Bangi leh actually??
made us no car to use..fuck off la...
shit de...oways come bak jao wana this
jao can use wor..haih damn hate him de actually...haih
suen la...no choice..he is dear's bro...
but dear oso will come fetch but is by motor..
haha sure very romantic..haha
hope no raining today...
if not romantic oso will be wet chicken de la...haha

19 March 2009

Appreciation Lunch

yesterday our celebration is for The Mines Bookfair
& also like helping Mobile Bookfair Team fairwell
that's call Appreciation Lunch
many ppl have to attent...
Warehouse & Finance & Novum Family
only 2 sales man not here that is Mei Lian & Mun Wey
me & Sin Mun decorate the hall & helping arrange table
below is few picture while waiting food come..
the driver go wrong way so 1.40pm like tat onli reached..
charm de..but luckily no need wait until 2pm haha

me & Sin Mun...the bested fren with me at office

this is all the ppl attent our Appreciation Lunch

Novum + Finance

Whole Family of Novum included Warehouse + Finance + Novum

we 5 helping decorate de hall we using for celebration Apple have loss
yeah luckily no need go skol after work
but i oso 7.30pm++ onli bak home
wow damn tired de..
then my dad fetched me go LM there take picture
for skol library card...so go take it
but i haven see nice anot lo..
onli i noe is expensive lo RM16 oh..
but got CD oso de la...hope nice nice le...
nite dear coming find me
& over9 at my house..
thanks dear pui me again...
Muacksz...miss dear always oh...
Shit today i have to meeting with Warehouse leh
have always meeting made all my time is gone
no time to do my thing already..
wastedtime only lo..haih fan de..
then 5pm yao gonna rush to skol
before attent class need go take some food
if not i will hungry die actually..
haha..see dear later oh...muacks
laopo miss u always & love fu u much much oh

18 March 2009

Tired of working & study

wow actually is damn tired de after working go study
sien lo...finish work at 5pm
then we driving go college at Petaling Street
sometimes is late so just take a roti canai or maggi mee
jao go start our class at 6.30pm
wow this sememster is only 2 subject
but each subject is twice a week
so we will have examination at May
my god...so fast only 1st or 2nd class
the lecturer already told us about the assignment
shit so fast..scare us meh..haih
my class is only 20+ ppl jek wor..
almost whole class is taking DIA course de...
just few of us is taking DIBA...charm le
1st day of study is damn stress de..
tat Ms Loong i think...
she teaching us in Accounting I....
wow is damn stress
keep taking about exam & coursework to us
all ppl oso feel stress & bored lu...
then yesterday we study Intro in Business
he is Mr. Tony Leong...
he is quite funny & friendly too...
he said tat must have fun in his class
he dun like too quiet & bored...
he wants us have fun & keep talking...
but sure not tat he teaching & we talking around there la...
he only 28 years old my god..
look like damn young de wor...
i think he got full of experience of teaching..
many student like him i think..haha
then after skol dear come fetch me
we try to go Midah again
but fail the stall din open again shit de..
gik sei yan..then we bak home 1st
coz me gonna take bath sin then only go 118 there eat my favourite
'yu tao mei' lo...yeah~is damn tasty & baozzz nya...haha
thanks dear again to fetch me after study
i love u so much...
after eat we rest ahile in home then gonna go futsal le..

yeah~today is a rest day
today no need go skol...but
in the morning when gonna wake up is damn difficult
maybe is raining day so is comfortable for sleeping le...
haha today can sleep early la..yeah!!
but tml still need study leh but luckily is Business class
wont so bored & feel stress le...
haha i think tml dear fetch me too after study ba..
today noon we have a party at office
for The Mines Bookfair de...
coz the sales is higher...so we have a celebration like tat lu..
hope have fun at there & those food will tasty lo..
if not i willing go out spend rm7++ eat tasty de food lo..
rite? haha..later nite update photo for party ba...
ciao la..gonna work la...if not i let ppl chao me yao yu oh..
muacks...miss all my fren & darlingz leh..

17 March 2009

Started College life....


today have a meeting at 2pm..
just go in like 大战....my god...
haih coz MBF team will 解散 on end of april
they will never at Novum after May
some go to English Dept. some go to outlet
haih..so charm de..
then after tat Boss announce tat MBF 解散
damn many ppl is fight for them
coz they mm sek MBF team..
but at last also gonna close this team..
after meeting already 5pm++
then finish work i bak home waiting dear coming
coz he fetch me go his house over9


today hang out with sze & puini
we meet up at TS at 12pm
then went to Old Town have my breakfast
starting our shopping lu...
haha we walk walk TS awhile
then jao go Sg.Wang actually is pass by la
coz we gonna go Pavilion actually..
then i bought 1 scaft silver colour at Sg.Wang
after tat we went to Pavilion i bought 1 shirt at Nichii
actually i try it before but din buy dou
yeah now i bought it lu...
then bought 1 shoes at Vincci..
actually i finding tat shoes
but cant find it tat is i try before at penang
mayb Pavilion no this shoes ba
so i bought another kind...
but quite nice oso la...haha
then raining heavy leh my god
then we went to foodcourt having lunch
i eat the asam laksa damn tasty de leh..
but quite expensive oh...haha
then order penang rojak...
wow damn happy de....haha
then after eat puini going bak home le..
coz she rushing bak her hometown at Ipoh..
then me & sze going to Sg.wang
she find her fren at digi fair there..
i get 1 FREE umbrella leh...haha
coz raining ma so sze's supervisor FREE 1 umbrella for us lo..
coz sze have it le..so she gave me...haha
is damn big de umbrella oh...haha
then i go buy DURIAN for my dear
durian is his favourite...
dear waiting me at TS bridge there..
thanks dear come fetch me bak home
coz he worry me take taxi bak home...
actually dear is working time leh
but he told his boss come fetch me bak home
then he onli bak home lu..haha
muacks thanks dear...
then wait dear finish work at home..
at nite we having movie at Pavilion ( Dragon Ball)

then we saw Dr. Mahathir in Pavilion with his wife..
Dragon Ball quite nice de leh..
after bak home dear cook maggi mee for me
yeah..thanks dear..
haha tml morning dear fetch me bak home
before he going to work..
coz dear gonna go genting after work...
wow so good hor he going with his company fren
so i juz stay at home watch movie le...haha


today started my skol life
charm de..today 8am jao need to working la...
but we king gai & eating infront mamak stall
chit chat till 8.30am onli bak office haha
then noon dear coem find me eat lunch..
yeah~~then raining oh act i tot go eat at Alison de..
but at last we go Gilly Cafe eat our lunch
yeah~ haha then we chit chat at there..
eat give me some mask..
he say tat if i unhappy jao put 1 mask..
so when i gonna take the mask out from my face
all the unhappy thing will follow the mask taking out le..
so i will feel fresh & no unhappy lu...
thanks dear so much...muacks big kiss for dear
then after tat 5pm gonna go study lo
but raining heavy de leh..shit
then heng going bak home change clothes onli go skol..
my skol at Segi College in Petaling Street
reached skol at 6.40pm late abit le..
then tat ppl keep talk about those form..
my god 1st day jao feel many form le...haih

then the lecture come in & start teaching...

she keep say those course work & exam in May leh..

1st day jao damn stress jor la...help!!
then onli started our lesson on 7pm++ lu..
wow damn sien de..coz teach bak form 4 de thing
but keep talk english leh..i cant understand lo..
haih 1st day i feel stress le...charm mou
then dear come fetch me after skol
we went to Midah tot eat tat tasty food
my god...today is CLOSE shit....
then suen le...we juz eat near there de mamak..
after eat we going bak home lu..
wow damn tired of working & study..
sien jor lo...help!!!


today i very mang leh..
keep scold ppl oh..
i dun like ppl chase me this doc & tat de lo...
my god..shit de..
here A say can done it le..
then B yao chase me about the INV..
then C yao chase me again about the same thing
FUCK OFF....gik sei yan...
SUCK~~~those warehouse de ppl
all oso gik sei me de..
i today reali have a 'chong dong' gonna pass resign letter de la..
shall i stay at this company?
but i haven find dou job wor...
how?? fan sei yan ar??

to my dearest lao gong:
thanks dear oways accompany me...
when i unhappy u is besides me..
i ytd reali damn sad de..
soli for tat i keep on crying..
but i reali damn sen fu de..
mayb laopo damn long time didn't cry le..
so i keep crying without stopping...
laopo geter with dear already 1 year++
dear bring alot happiness & suprise to laopo
so made laopo laugh oways..haha
thanks dear oh..laopo very proud of u...haha
haha laopo damn miss u de..
hope dear fetch me after skol everyday
but i noe cant..coz dear gonna receive a new part time job
is AMWAY rite??? but i will support dear de..
we gambateh geter ba...
but sometime dear free muz fetch me oh..
if not we have less time to meet up each other le..
i will try my best to finish up my study within this 2 years ++
i reali apperiate our relationship de..
laopo love u so much...muacks
hope dear got anything unhappy oso will tell laopo
we can sharing happy & unhappy geter oh..muacks
hope dear can see my blog..
wat i telling to u...muacks....
from: love u de laopo

10 March 2009

Penang Trip 7-9 March 2009

taking at out hotel (pearl view hotel)

early in the morning me & my dear
going my office waiting them at 5.15am
then chui kian & zhi ying cames...
following by charles..
wow my goodness foo 6.15am onli cames leh..
wow we wait him 1 hour le la..
then we decide go eat dim sum sin at Connaught
waiting heng & hong come
after ate breakfast already 7.30am...
then we started our trip lu...
we 2 cars driving go reached Seberang Jaya by 12pm..
then we meet up chui kian's sister..
coz her sister bring we go eat 芋头饭....
then she bring us go check in our hotel (Pear View Hotel)
wow is quite nice & expensive too..
actually is juz for 2 ppl but we 8 ppl sleep in 1 room
haha..够力。。。then we rest rest..
then poker at room till 6.30pm
wow is damn geng de..after all dress up
we having our dinner at thai restaurant..
actually we decide early gonna go eat Tambun seafood
but some cant eat seafood de..so change to thai food lu..
wow the thai food is damn tasty de leh..
very cheap leh..10 ppl eat le rm160+ jek wor...
after having dinner then we going bak hotel take a rest
then continue our 2nd round
eat at '喂吃街' wow is damn many food there de..
but we juz eat soup mee wow...too kenyang d la...
then after tat we shop shop wahile onli bak hotel
i buy le 1 pair mario..wow is damn cute de juz onli rm20
after tat bak hotel poker again...haha
noon tat time i win jor rm25++ leh..geng lo...
thai food restaurant-ICHIBAN

taking at thai food there...


tom yam



green curry

spider crab damn big

paper slipper

2nd day we fast fast dress up by 10am
then we check out hotel
we having breakfast near hotel
wow i eat mee jawa, chao keow teow, white curry mee..
wow tasty leh..mm cho de wor...
then we started going Penang lo..
our car & hong's car separated le..
then we find Persiaran Gurney ourselve..
before reached we went to beach see sea...wow damn leng de
reached we go Gurney Plaza shop shop
me & dear at Giodano bought le 2 shirt..
1 for him & 1 for me...
tat shirt actually i xiong buy long time le...
now got chance buy lu..
coz half price ma...so gd..
i saw 1 leng de..but waiting bak KL buy it jek...haha
then after shop we go Coffee Bean having some Moca
wow seeing ppl skatting board at there..
after tat we going Gurney Drive having lunch
wwo there de Har Mee damn tasty de wor...
yao cheaper leh...after eat we going to
Kek Lok Si (Famous Temple in Penang)
damn big de temple but we din go the top there
after tat we bak to apartment opposite got 1 Thai temple
we go there pray ha gem..while waiting them come bak
after tat onli going bak apartment (Aurora Court)
then fast fast dress up..
coz already 9.30pm++ lo...
after tat onli going out Gurney Drive having dinner
wow is damn many ppl at there de oh..
there got many stall over 100+ de leh..
we eat many like Bakar Ikan, Rojak, Asam Laksa,
Fried Chicken Skin, Hor Jian, Tao Fu Fa,
Soup Keow Teow, Lobak & more...
then after we eat charles they decide go sing k..
chui kian say go watch movie..
but we gonan go yum cha at Martini Cafe..
the feel is damn good de..
talk talk & poker there...
watch tv having badminton final..
haha..after bak apartment already 1.00am++ lu..
finally they din go anywhere juz stay at apartment poker...
haha..erm sleep lu...
guy 1 room girl 1 room but dear sure sleep with me la...

penang bridge


coffee bean-Moca my favourite


Kek Lok Sin

can u see the rainbow?

our apartment (Aurora Court)

Martini Cafe


3rd day we gonna check out by 12.00pm
early wake up fast fast take bath
coz we 8 ppl ma
sure kena beratur de la..
then chui kian, zhi ying, charles wana pray at thai temple oh..
heng & hong going oso..
so juz left me & dear & foo at apartment poker
waiting them come bak....
wow we haven taking breakfast de leh...
juz waiting them come bak..
already wana check out lu..
after check out we going near shop eat jek
if no waiting finding tasty shop i think all oso hungry die lu...
then after ate we going Batu Ferringi
wow taking many picture at there...
they all take picture untill all get wet..
my god then waiting them take bath
we gonna going bak Kek Lok Si there
buy some famous food bak home
if not my mum sure say many de..
me & dear buy le rm50..
we buy many biscuit for family & company de lo..
after buy it we started going bak KL..
actually decide gonna go Ipoh eat dinner de..
but is too late le..already 4.30pm leh..
so we decide straight bak KL lu..
they fetch me & dear bak dear's house
then dear finish keep all thing
then we having dinner at Desa Aman there eat 瓦煲先生
wow damn tasty de..then bak home lu already 10.30pm leh...
keep all thing clean then sleep lu..
wow is damn tired de leh..
tml still gonna working my god....help ar..

2 brothers so lan c...actually the shirt opposite jek

so bright ar...so close eye ar...

funny guy jumping wana i help them capture

me & mt dear foot print

so enjoying the natural enviroment


dear so happy leh...muacksz

chee hiang 义香

dear try to rampas the biscuit but fail



mario...yeah our memories..