13 March 2010

i am back

long time did not write my blog le..
i think the last blog is my lovely birthday till now le..
i now damn free ntg to do..
so just wrote my blog and mood now..
i damn hate malay guys leh..
is them langgar my car still wana i paid..
bull shit and fuck off...
hate so much...if got 1 day i meng de wa
sure i go burn off ur burger stall lo..
keep give me fucking reason say no money
or bank problem cant transfer money..
is this a reason...sure u duno i am doing at bank too leh
haha...hate u all....FUCK OFF...
okie cool down...
i gonna start my sem4 on next monday le..
so fast haven rest enough jao wana start my new sem le..
the unlucky thing is i miss out my exam leh..
i need resit that paper on may..
and i already saw my may 2010 de focus area
is damn hard de leh who made me like this...
is those malay guys leh...diuz~~
haih but anyway already end this..
coz i already repair my car rm700 le...
luckily my dad say paid me 400 jek...haih
i this month reali cham de...
"poh choi dong zoi" wor...haih
i dun trust it lo pls...haih
erm thanks alot my lovely dear always beside me..
i give ppl langgar he luckily at there help me settle
if not i sure die 99 le..
somemore he that day helping me go sunway sell clothes..
although just sell 1 la..but is gd also le..
better than ntg le...who gonna buy clothes or cousin sister
can buy from me now i doing clearance sales leh..
all rm30-35...pls inform me..
i dun1 those stock le...pls help help me clear it can??
and our malacca plan already done le..
we going on 3 & 4 apr 2010....yeah
we now confirm got 10 ppl go le..
so gonna 2 cars going...
and my birthday i xiong go trip leh..
either penang or langkawi leh..
izit u all free?? coz celebrate at kl like sien leh
haha but yao out of budget wor...can how?
cham de...help!!! this year reali not gd to me leh...
haih..can i die for this year 1st?? haha
k la duno wana say wat le..
see u guys on next monday...
and see my lovely dear tonite ba..
muacks...love u so much..

04 November 2009

hi all my fren i long time din upload my new post at here le
coz is damn busy of my working and study also...
cham de...
i selling mask now and new clothes
but is more on dress la..
will upload the picture soon asap
mayb will on next week so pls all visit my facebook..
or just click here..
thanks so much...
if u wana order from me just drop me a comment
i selling this mask is ORGINAL
not the pasar malam selling de..
coz nowadays having many palsu mask...
but i reali selling orginal mask..
and the price is cheap also..
then the clothes more on dress
all not expensive is cheap also...
but the quality is damn good de..
pls wait my new update okie..
thanks oh...

02 October 2009

happy birthday to my dearest

Happy Birthday to my dearest lao gong
hope dear happy in ur birthday le
sorry oh dear..laopo no money oh
so i cant paid all de money of that shoes
but laopo also need to say sorry de
coz laopo so early give u de present
1 month before leh..haha
haha my plan dear also noe wat i thinking
so geng ar so my plan also no need d le..
but i saw dear also very happy neh haha
hope every year also can celebrate with dear
coz wana see dear happy always
wish dear all ur dream come true oh...

24th nite going to sing k with Wen Hao, Kylie, Jack
then 25th noon going to watch movie
then nite having dinner at Shangri-La Hotel...
wow is damn tasty de leh haha
then midnite go drink beer with dear's brother
at The Curve-Scarlet...

21 September 2009

so fast already leave my pervious company 1 month plus...
and so fast already at public bank 1 month plus
so far colleague quite okie de
but got abit sien at here le..
i will try my best to continue here...
coz act really can learn many thing at here
somemore benefits is quite goods de wor..
rite?? who dun1 come bak working ga??
i am the luckily one lo...haha
so fast my lovely dear's birthday is coming already...
wow my god...so happy la...
i already bought him a new purse Guy Laroche last month...
later i will bring him go eat dinner on friday..
hope he very happy le..haha
coz i also 1st time go there eat de leh...
money is not a problem act...
happy anything also okie de wor..
coz birthday is 1 year once...
rite?? so dear i will appreciate u de wor...
laopo love u so much...muacks..
hope dear can see dou this blog i write for u..
sorry laopo long time din write that booklet le..
coz i keep it jor...so always forgot to write it le..
dun angry laopo hao ma??
this few days dear's car always having problem..
so dear also less come find laopo le..
laopo damn miss u leh...
wow this 2days damn tired leh..
bcoz Hari Raya my mum's malay girl is off
so my whole family gonna go out help my mum selling mee
but is reali damn good business de wor..haha
tml can have a resr at home and starting do my revision le
coz my exam is on next coming week...
so scare leh...coz this sem like din learn anything
so fast jao say wana exam d...
help!!! hope i can pass it ...just try my best ba...
haih my fren...my god..
actually i am bought 1 new car saga baru..
but that fren so long le...almost 1 week also din call us..
bank already call us loan is approved
but he still keep busy and din tell us how about our car
wat the helll.....i wont find fren buy car anymore...
coz all also 'not fren also wont take long time or eat'
mayb they feel that fren ma...
wat is fren ar ha...i always let my family say
ur fren there how ar about the car...aiyo
shit...is damn fna u noe?? haih
got business do also liek that he got commission de leh...

i am selling mask now..
u all can go my facebook have a look...
my facebook address is carmen_byby1@hotmail.com...
all products is from taiwan and hong kong..
u all can have a try buy few bcoz is cheap also...
if buy more we have free mask also...
so just go have a look..
if need any order just comment on my facebook ya okie??
boh chen ha lu...within 1 week can give the mask..
if is my secondary skol fren or fren...
i can tyr to meet up u all at shopping centre
is not free or ma fan i can just pos for u all...
izit okie?? if got anything or question just leave me a comment..
or sms me okie?? thanks so much...

29 August 2009

already leave my pervious company Novum
and also start my new working at Public Bank HO
wow so fast already working at here 2 weeks le
but now still boring about working
no bcoz busy til bored
last time there is bored bcoz busy working
and the boss and company not good
haih but now this compoany is different at all
benefits good wat also good..
environment also damn good de wor
u working at here also feel very pro de
but at also like auntie all also got children
always hear them talking phone will their children
me leh just boring coz ntg let me do leh
cham de duno good or not good
many ppl say good bcoz no job do jao can get high salary
but time is pass damn slow de
somemore u let ppl saw dou u damn free
and just come get salary gem wor...
i duno this feel lo...haih shit de
i just a clerk is Confidential Assistant at HR dept.
although is better than those normal clerk
but really do until bored die me le
always just sit there...
ask those officer they all just say okie okie
but also ntg let me do de wor...haih
shit de..haih duno i can tahan how long leh
no radio, no song, less talking de...
mayb coz is HR dept so all also diam diam de
need dicepline wor...do u think so??
haih damn bored de leh haih..
help!!!!! reali sien at here ya..
haih...hope to wish see my babes is working with me
coz she keep talking with me de wor..haha
miss her....now is KLCC bookfair at KLCC convention centre leh
she need at there working full day oh
haha sien sei her lo..coz she dun like do this kind of job de
haha...i also duno y i dun do until end of this month
haih...suen la already start at this company
so i need keep on working and study..
just at here sen la fu jek la...haha

12 August 2009

Friday night after working
I going dinner with my Novum colleague
Bcoz they helping me farewell at Jaya One
We having like Japanese food in Kissaten
Wow is damn tatsy next time sure I will bring my dear come here to try it
Just have 11 peoples are coming
Some of them is not free..
Is okie?? I dun care about it..
Then 2nd round just left 6 of us
We going down stairs drink beer
Just talk talk until 10something
I reached home already 11pm
Dear is going yum cha with his fren
Night only coming to meet me

this is my dinner salmon damn tasty

me with my boss Ms Wee

with sales team still have 3 sales man din come

with my babes mun

admin team

drinking beer

Saturday going out with Kah Yan...
then she finish ate with me
i going to meet p-Y
accompany her eat again but i din eat
then walk walk around at Sg.wang
wow Sg.Wang 6th floor change many
is damn leng already like class shopping centre
i really long time din go there le..
then we going to isetan & pavilion finding OL shirt
i just bought 1 OL shirt from parkson
my god almost 6pm I going back Ts
meet up dear’s bro bcoz he fetch me along back home toothen I just doin my coursework at home whole day until midnight 2something

Sunday we are going to Sogo for finding baju kurung
Bcoz I wana made 1 set of baju kurung
But finally not I bought thing
Is my dear bought himself 2 short pants at there
After that we going back home keep all the thing
Night having dinner with his family
Then we going for movie (Overheard)
Wow the movie is damn nice & sad

Monday my dear is rest at home
He taking off today
Lunch he come to join us eating at sri peteling
Then after ate he is going to gilly café yum cha
& online at there while waiting I finish work
then today I ponteng my class again
after working I going back home taking bath & dress up
then having dinner at KK 118 food court
then only going to Mid Valley having movie again
before movie start I shop shop around
bcoz I am finding OL pants & ‘cot’
finally is bought a cot from Sub
wow is damn expensive de leh..my god
finish that, back to cinema having (On His Majesty's Secret Service)
wow is funny movie…
so far still okie….

07 August 2009

wednesday i having off day
dear having off day too..
wake up & dress up..
then we going to Pudu having breakfast
after that we going to La belle
my god help me cut hair the stylist off day too
so just wait my dear cutting hair at there
then we going to F & N there de Nichii
wow is 1st time going there
is damn big de..i just bought 1 pair of shoes & shirt
after bought it we going to ate tasty tom yam
haha yeah damn tasty de oh..yeah~~
thanks dear so much bring laopo go ate

yesterday we having our great lunch at Sushi King
haha...just only both of us..
bcoz we having voucher for FREE 10 plates leh..
then we just ate 12 plates then
somemore she having member card leh..
so finally we just only paid rm 4.20
haha..so happy leh 1st time ate sushi king so cheap de
sorry dear bcoz laopo din bring u go
next time laopo bring u go eat okie??
muacks sek fan le..
then nite after class
dear come fetch me..
i back his house for waiting him take bath
then his brother is come back already
after that we going to eat steak at Rendezvous steak house
wow is damn long time din go
but i din eat steak just eat some snacks
haha..thanks dear much much..
but i xiong go eat steamboat leh
when having this chance leh..
i 1 month at least need to eat 1 time de leh

wow we taking so many plates of sushi leh

03 August 2009

this few days keep busy of my working
so din have anytime to write a blog....
this is my restaurant city's picture...
nice?? mushroom leh..haha
i damn like it....

having new member-mario added to our mushroom car

saturday night we having movie at ts
actually i book 2 ticket for Overheard at pavlion & ts too...
then morning i going back office to do OT
bcoz of no money & gonna rush my work
after that almost 3pm Theresa is coming fetch me
we going to Gilly Cafe for do our assignment..
wow damn tired de...we do until 8pm
only going back home leh..so STRONG~~~~
haha i just do until half jek....
then going back home dress up & keep all thing
bcoz later night we going for movie...
then is too late to get ticket
so the ticket is sell for others customer already...
then we change to wacth (The Proposal)
we watch geter with Kylie & Bernard...
haha the movie is damn funny de...
just same like LA movie last time
i not really rmb the name of that movie
but the character & story just same like
but damn nice de...