07 August 2009

wednesday i having off day
dear having off day too..
wake up & dress up..
then we going to Pudu having breakfast
after that we going to La belle
my god help me cut hair the stylist off day too
so just wait my dear cutting hair at there
then we going to F & N there de Nichii
wow is 1st time going there
is damn big de..i just bought 1 pair of shoes & shirt
after bought it we going to ate tasty tom yam
haha yeah damn tasty de oh..yeah~~
thanks dear so much bring laopo go ate

yesterday we having our great lunch at Sushi King
haha...just only both of us..
bcoz we having voucher for FREE 10 plates leh..
then we just ate 12 plates then
somemore she having member card leh..
so finally we just only paid rm 4.20
haha..so happy leh 1st time ate sushi king so cheap de
sorry dear bcoz laopo din bring u go
next time laopo bring u go eat okie??
muacks sek fan le..
then nite after class
dear come fetch me..
i back his house for waiting him take bath
then his brother is come back already
after that we going to eat steak at Rendezvous steak house
wow is damn long time din go
but i din eat steak just eat some snacks
haha..thanks dear much much..
but i xiong go eat steamboat leh
when having this chance leh..
i 1 month at least need to eat 1 time de leh

wow we taking so many plates of sushi leh

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