29 August 2009

already leave my pervious company Novum
and also start my new working at Public Bank HO
wow so fast already working at here 2 weeks le
but now still boring about working
no bcoz busy til bored
last time there is bored bcoz busy working
and the boss and company not good
haih but now this compoany is different at all
benefits good wat also good..
environment also damn good de wor
u working at here also feel very pro de
but at also like auntie all also got children
always hear them talking phone will their children
me leh just boring coz ntg let me do leh
cham de duno good or not good
many ppl say good bcoz no job do jao can get high salary
but time is pass damn slow de
somemore u let ppl saw dou u damn free
and just come get salary gem wor...
i duno this feel lo...haih shit de
i just a clerk is Confidential Assistant at HR dept.
although is better than those normal clerk
but really do until bored die me le
always just sit there...
ask those officer they all just say okie okie
but also ntg let me do de wor...haih
shit de..haih duno i can tahan how long leh
no radio, no song, less talking de...
mayb coz is HR dept so all also diam diam de
need dicepline wor...do u think so??
haih damn bored de leh haih..
help!!!!! reali sien at here ya..
haih...hope to wish see my babes is working with me
coz she keep talking with me de wor..haha
miss her....now is KLCC bookfair at KLCC convention centre leh
she need at there working full day oh
haha sien sei her lo..coz she dun like do this kind of job de
haha...i also duno y i dun do until end of this month
haih...suen la already start at this company
so i need keep on working and study..
just at here sen la fu jek la...haha

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