23 July 2009

Yesterday in afternoon my dear is asking me where the nite is free anot
Can I skip my class…
Bcoz his boss is treating them go Tenji having dinner there
But I still have attend the class
But break time I have going for dinner
Haha…so happy leh…
But not take much picture with dear
Bcoz my camera is going no battery
But there really damn nice de..
And those food is damn tasty..haha
Next time got chance must go with my lovely dear again..
Thanks dear bring me along even thought is with your colleague
But if got chance all of you really going have a try
Ate until 12am only going back…
Wow tired sei oh my god..
Today morning I get my P license already
Damn happy zhong yu got chance to let me drive
Haha…thanks uncle fatt…

my lovely dear drinking coconut

wow so many ways leh

Tenji japanese buffet

my dear's colleague

cute coconut so tasty

20 July 2009

Wow today is damn tired de..
Haha bcoz ytd I skip my class-Business Communication
Go for Bukit Jalil watch Asia Tour 2009
That is Manchester United vs Malaysia
Actually Saturday have 1 match already but today is another match
Bcoz Indonesia there got something happen
So MU stay here for another match
Luckily leh if not I no chance go for it…
So cham hor….then 8pm reached there…
Already damn many people d..
I watch until 11pm like that jao quickly take LRT back
If not later sure sesak in LRT de lu….
Really thanks to my lovely dear..
Coz I let my colleague say the match until very wonderful gem
So I quickly told my dear…
See whether can go for it anot..haha
Thanks his friend also if no them we also no ticket
Wow really is MU’s fans…
Starting at 8.45pm…
My god abit sad de…bcoz starting no Wayne Rooney 10
He just save it until the last 20 minutes only come out..
The 1st score is from Macheda 41 in 1st 10 minutes…
Wow damn geng de leh..haha
The 2nd score is from Michael Owen 7 in 12 minutes…
Haha really damn like MU much from now….
Then Rooney in 68 minutes only come out…
This is a friendly match so all the players also got chance
Haih Malaysia actually have many chance to score
But always in last minutes get the balls
Sure cant hold the balls and let MU capture back
My god….so cha sui la..haha
Finally the result is 2-0..of course is MU 2 la..
So happy me today really no regretful at all…
support Rooney the most

Asia Tour 2009

Wayne Rooney
M'sia listing for beginning
MU listing for beginning
Manchester United vs Malaysia
they are coming out

1st score from Macheda 41 in 1st 10 minutes
2nd score from Michael Owen 7 in 12 minutes

Michael Owen

Wayne Rooney 10 is coming out in 68 minutes

these are the ticket & pass