31 May 2009

friday nite after working going bak home..
then nite going movie with my lovely dear...
we watch (Night in the Musuem 2)...
wow damn nice de wor..yao funny sei
but my dear still sleepy until sleep le
geng ar?? mayb he tired ba haha..
then saturday stay at home...
sleep until 3pm+ le...haha
if dear din call me i think i still sleeping ba haha
then night go pm with Mei Gie & Mei Ling...
haha coz too bored d la..
after ate going bak ML's house...haha
then just chit-chat jao bak home le..
my dear come fetch me bak home le..
after that we going to BRJ for dinner
then jao bak home le...haha

today i going for learn car leh...
wow parking okie de wor...
but very hot la cant open air cond ma haih
then on the road okie le..but mendaki bukit not gd la
keep give uncle scold me leh
haih so cham de me...
then finally can bak home le...
haha on the road still okie wor..
but he still keep on say me de haih..
cham de then suen le..at Pudu there more sei..
coz too many cars la...then let he say me again..
haih finally reached le la..
but p-Y still sleeping my god..
then i just stay at cc & wrote this blog le...
no choice le..haih cham de...
hope she faster awake then i jao no need so bored le

28 May 2009

STS setting up day

today morning going bak to office...
then almost 12pm we going STS from our office...
wow damn happy de coz no need bored at office ma
haha...wow duno how de leh...
then me& mun drive 1 car going...
coz i haven go before ma..
so we damn happy de le...
after that we reach there wow damn hot de leh
like no air cond gem actually got open de
shit de wor..after that start doing our work
work till 2pm++ we only going for our lunch..
wow come out jek my hp keep ringing de wor..
oh actually all finding Apple de leh
she din bring her hp..so all ppl call me lo
fan sei yan de wor..haih
after that after ate walking like many thing to buy gem
bu no 1 branded de shop lo pls..
haih like pasar malam gem wor...
haih so better u all dun for it le...
i am talking about The Summit ar??
i think just only college student going jek
coz beside that jao Segi le...haha
after that we finish by 7.30pm++ le..
wow damn tired de leh...my god
then go for dinner only bak home le..
i saw 1 pants at there de...tot wana go buy le
dim ji rm20 leh so expensive so din buy for it le
but quite nice de leh...haih cham de
haih damn hate my Assistant Manager de lo
shit de wor...haih he just keep walking here & there de
but din help anything de lo
then i help him paste those POS at wall le
he say unot fong bin paste la..i paste myself ba
i almost finish it le
he only say..better he dun say ba herh..
coz he say many guys keep seeing me wor..
WTF herh...dun say he cant tahan haha..just only he see me
diuz..hate him ar?? lan gentlemen gem...herh
haih all ppl also beh tahan him la..aiyo
then my manager just come here see ha jek wor..
cheh hate him too ar?? 2 also guy hate so much...
better faster leave here ar?? haih...
reached rome 9pm++ le..

my shoes with mun's shoes
before going to setting up..boring at office
our novum hall in STS
discount for bookfair
acting customer
me with my novum colleague

promoting de book from novum

novum girls going to STS helping setteing up...

26 May 2009

i have Jolin de ticket leh..
who wana go for it..
i just have 2 ticket jek..
actually go with my colleague Mun de...
but her bf off day on that day
so just suen ba...after that i think i just go see jek
wont buy her album ba..coz no money leh
haha...see who going out with me
jao got this chance see Jolin lo haha
my time table out le..
my god next sem...have 5 subject oh...
my god..everyday have to go class leh...
sure tired sei me le..
i just have edit 1 picture for me & my dear jordan...
nice leh...let's look it...just at begining this post...

jolin's ticket
time tables for next sem..sem2 going to start at 8/6/09


--------------[ 壹 ] . 個 人 題 - 10 題 --------------
[ 01 ] 你叫什么:Yap Geok Ching
[ 02 ] 你的綽號: Carmen / Geok
[ 03 ] 你的血型:不知道
[ 04 ] 你的星座:金牛座
[ 05 ] 你是男還是女:女
[ 06 ] 你幾歲:19
[ 07 ] 你住哪裡:家
[ 08 ] 你現在的學校:Segi College
[ 09 ] 你有沒有手機:有
[ 10 ] 承上,那是多少:-----

--------------[ 貳 ] . 朋 友 題 - 10 題 --------------

[ 11 ] 你最要好的朋友(限1個): Darling aNn
[ 12 ] 你最討厭的人(限1個):Nobody
[ 13 ] 你最正的女性朋友(限1個): mY Darlings
[ 14 ] 你最帥的男性朋友(限1個): Kong Fong
[ 15 ] 什麼樣的女生你最討厭: 很不知丑的人
[ 16 ] 什麼樣的男生你最討厭:很不知丑的人,Hamsap
[ 17 ] 你的好朋友有誰(不限):Many
[ 18 ] 你經常和哪位朋友出去:不一定..
[ 19 ] 你身邊最憨的朋友(限1個,不能自己): 他与她
[ 20 ] 你身邊最可愛的朋友(限1個):蛮多

-------------[ 參 ] . 感 情 題 - 15 題 --------------

[ 21 ] 你有沒有喜歡的人:有
[ 22 ] 如果有,那她叫什麼:申俊杰
[ 23 ] 如果没有,你希望什麼時候有另一半:-----
[ 24 ] 到目前為止,你跟多少人告白過:没有
[ 25 ] 到目前為止,你被多少人告白過:没有,因为有男朋友了
[ 26 ] 到目前為止,你交過多少個男/女朋友: 1
[ 27 ] 你現在有另一半嗎: 有
[ 28 ] 你最好的同性朋友跟你告白你會怎樣:只可以做朋友
[ 29 ] 你初戀情人突然跟你告白你會接受嗎: 接受不到。。本人心有所属
[ 30 ] 你為什麼會喜歡你現在喜歡的人:很多
[ 31 ]你和另一半牽手過嗎:有
[ 32 ]你的另一半抱或親過嗎:有
[ 33 ] 你跟異性牽手過嗎:当然有。。
[ 34 ] 是誰,你們什麼關係: 我的男朋友
[ 35 ] 現在有人在追你嗎: 没有吧!

-----[ 肆 ] . 混 合 題 - 10 題 --------------

[ 36 ] 如果有天,好朋友離你而去,你會怎樣:过渡伤心
[ 37 ] 如果有天,好朋友背叛你,你會怎樣:心碎,讨厌死他/她
[ 38 ] 如果有天,好朋友對你喜新厭舊了,你會怎樣: 没有可能
[ 39 ] 如果你很受不了你的父母,你會離家出走嗎:不会
[ 40 ] 你上課認真嗎: 认真但一时会谈天
[ 41 ] 你上課都在做什麼:读书啦当然
[ 42 ] 你功課好不好: 极好
[ 43 ]你开电腦都在幹麻:Friendster, Facebook, Bloggie,…
[ 44 ]你的即时通有多少个同性:不懂
[ 45 ] 你的即時通裡有多少個異性: 不懂

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[ 46 ] 傳給你這份問卷的人是誰:我复制的
[ 47 ] 这個人對你好不好:好
[ 48 ] 這個人是你的誰:同党
[ 49 ] 你有喜歡過這個人嗎:没有
[ 50 ] 你們認識多久了: 很久
[ 51 ] 這個人是怎樣的人:好笑的。。
[ 52 ] 這個人正/帥嗎: 超正的
[ 53 ] 這個人有沒有喜歡過你:有我也不知道。。哈哈
[ 54 ] 這個人跟你有沒有在一起過:没有可能
[ 55 ] 萬一你喜歡這個人,你會怎麼辦:不会有这个万一

------[ 陸 ] . 聯 想 題 - 10 題-------------

[ 56 ] 說到正妹你會想到誰:钟嘉欣,胡定欣,还有很多
[ 57 ] 說到帥哥你會想到誰: 林峰,还有很多
[ 58 ] 說到憨你會想到誰:我不会说别人的
[ 59 ] 說到痴你會想到誰:我不会说别人的
[ 60 ] 說到暗戀你會想到誰:没有
[ 61 ] 說到出去玩你會想到誰:男朋友,Darlings
[ 62 ] 說到聰明鬼你會想到誰:我自己
[ 63 ] 說到傻子你會想到誰: 我不会说别人的
[ 64 ] 說到笑點低你會想到誰:我不会说别人的
[ 65 ] 說到愛笑你會想到誰:我不会说别人的

25 May 2009

Hang out day

last week i whole day just working bak home & sleeping jek..
nothing special actually...
then let talk about saturday..
actually i just wana stay at home..
but p-Y say wana go find her college..
okie then i accompany her go...
her college is In-House..
just behind my college...
after that...last time the lecturer say she need take test..
dim ji sat go..that guy say no need take test
there is for who wana borrow loan de...
so next tuesday is 26/5/09 she can start class liao..
she damn happy de wor..haha
then after that bak to my college take PTPTN agreement
yeah~~approved liao la..
then we bak to TS
coz i wana buy movie ticket for tonite...
(I Corrupt All Cops)...i wana watch this movie..
haha after that we went to Pavilion getting our breakfast..
we ate at Dragon-i leh...wow damn tasty de oh...
wow damn bao de leh..p-Y treat me eat leh
but i got give rm10 also..
haha coz she no more change to me..
then after ate already 3something..
accompany her buy her gf birthday present after ate...
wow..but haven get it..still need time..
then i at there also bought jor my darling aNn birthday present..
haha hope my darling like it le...
after that she bak home take a rest
coz nite still wana go out...celebrate her gf birthday..
i meet up Mei Gie...my secondary skol fren...
wow we from Old Town chit-chat till Secret Recipe...
haha chat le..almost 4hours i think..
geng leh mayb long time din meet up ba..
after that my dear come watch movie with me..

he keep playing her i-phone..act is chat with her gf la...i playing her i-phone's game..damn funny de

20 May 2009

Finish Exam Day


sunday i whole day stay at home doing my Accouting homework...
bcoz tml have to exam liao...
cham de...9am leh..
after that dinner i follow dear's family go Hou Kee at Youlek
wow damn tasty de leh..sure very expensive le...
after ate dinner...we bak home to watch movie..
today yao stay at my dear's home...
bcoz nite we wana watch tv (Genius Go Go Go)
haha...damn funny de...
after watch i continue my accounting..
midnite only think dou i forgot bring my Examination Docket...
haha...tml early morning only bak home take ba...


Today early morning 6am wake up bak home take the docket..
bcoz scare jam leh...
but we reach home almost 7am le...
then we having breakfast at his home there....
after ate dear fetch me go LRT..
yeah~~so scare yao exam le..
but is last paper already...
i finish paper by 10.30am leh...
damn mou liu..sitting there wait my fren le..
after that we going to sing k at Green Box...
damn cha de green box...
ntg to eat de leh...just having drinks..
so i with Pey Ying going to Madam Wong having lunch only go up..
after sing k almost 4pm...
we yum cha at Little Taiwan..
wow those food ot very tatsy yao expensive wor..
i wont go there again le...herh..
after that we chit-chat at there until 6pm..
they ahving movie at TS...
so my dear fetching me bak home...
i bak home take bath & watch tv...
while waiting him come bak..
watch tv until sleep already...
damn tired de me haha...after dear come bak..
we having dinner near my home 118 Restaurant...
wow damn tired de leh but i happy le..
tml mm xiong go working leh..haha


today gonna to working le..haih sien nya...
then i let boss scold my god..
coz i open gen Restaurant City...
i just seeing jek...he mayb is pass by so saw it..
say i saw 3rd time already ar?
dun let me see it again...
WTF...my god..
i damn hate him form 1st time he saw it..
bcoz my other fren they also have play..
but boss din saw dou...
izit him de deng zhem dui me..herh
then noon come and lan hou sem..
ask how is my exam...diuz...
i receive 1 present form Sin Mun..
thanks so much leh...i damn like it...
actually i wana buy it long time liao..
but have found some leng de jek..haha
now no need buy lu..thanks so much..
Happy Birthday to Ah Foo...
today is his birthday...he being transfer from our dept to Marketing dept lu...
at here to wish him all the dream come true..
wow tml we gonna celebrate May birthday girl..
just only me and another collegue he call Apple...
but tml is her real birthday la.....

me with Adelin
me with Pey Ying

me with Catherine

DIBA+DIA student

my College Friend

Adelin paksa me smile with teeth

Sin Mun bought me de...damn ncie hor

this 1 is Daling aNn bought me de...like it much....

17 May 2009

Happy 19th Birthday

saturday dear taking off day with me
then we wake up le..
going to Sunway Piramid..
wow damn long time din go le..
somemore dear logn time din accompany me shopping too...
then we reach there jao go Kim Gary
haha damn tasty de..but too bao...
then we go buy movie ticket...
watch (Angel & Demons)...
wow quite okie ga...but at 1st my dear sleeping leh..
but is talking about church & Christian de...
then after movie i bought jor 1 bag for myself..
damn like it leh..haha then dear bought me a green tea also..
thanks dear...after that almost 6pm...
we start to going to Pavilion there..
we having dinner at UOA Sasaiki...with darlings
thanks all my darlings...muacks..
then reach there almost 7pm..
they booking 7pm too..after ate is 8.30pm..
then walk to Pavilion meet up darling Niie & dj...
after that...dear wana watch football actually..
but no 1 cafe have empty place..
so suen ba...at last we drink at The Coffee Bean...
after that we having cake at there...
finish eat cake we going 3rd round again...
we go Steven Corner yum cha...
thanks my dear & my darling...
coz actually they tonite have to give me suprise...
but at last aNn tell me de truth haha
but also happy leh..coz have my dear & darling celebrate with me
haha...after yum cha already 12am lu...
they de deng pui me yum cha till 12am..
pass my birthday leh..so gd de darling..
haha..so happy ar today..& receive many msg from friend..
but got some babe also no sms at all...
so sad ar me...haha

funny & sweet couple JC LOVEshe waiting the Mr.Right
funny couple
eating at Sasaiki

darlingz...where is niie

our double chocolate from The Coffee Bean

my dear looking i drink myself he scare cant drink it

made a wish
happy birthday to myself
my funny dear eating chocolate coz so hard to eat
sweet couple niie & DJ
this ring is dear bought for me..from TOMEI
this bag i bought myself...i damn like it this card is mun mun made it for me...thanks ya