28 April 2009

The Sniper

yesterday dear is off day..
so he coming find me have lunch
my collegue Mun follow also..bcoz she is alone yesterday..
the nite actually have accounting class last day...
but i lazy to go wor..
so i off myself 1 day lo haha...
then i call my fren Catherine help me sign & take notes
so bad ar me...coz damn bored the lecturer duno teach de...
then we go Mid Valley having dinner & movie
we watch The Sniper at 7.15pm...
before going for movie we have our dinner at Pizza Hut..
haha wow damn tatsy de wor...
then finish having dinner then we go for movie..
wow is damn nice de leh...
i damn like that leng zai '黄晓明'

he hit the target is damn shot de wor..
my god..yao leng zai yao ying oh...
i think i like him jor haha..
i means i have a new artist i admire de...
haha sorry dear dun jealous oh haha..
thanks dear go for movie with me haha..
we long time din go watch movie le...haha
after watched then we go da bao durian pancake
yeah~~our favourite....
then go BRJ yum cha...haha coz too early le
if not my dad will ask y so early today?? haha
so we go BRJ have a tea then only bak home..

27 April 2009

thanks my dear lao gong

friday nite attend our accounting class...
that lecturer just help us do revision..
then after our break 15 minutes...
she say the rest question just continue next monday..
then we keep talking and I keep playing Li Ling's hp's games...
haha is damn chi gik de...haha
then we always have bring sweet go for class
coz is damn boring without sweet..
then we all will fall asleep...
we are Eclipse fans...haha
like it so much...but just have 3 flavour...

then ended class very early today...8.45pm end
but we all still stay at class...
coz parents din so early come pick up them...

saturday whole day stay at home..
coz cant go anywhere actually..
then my dear finish work come find us...
before that i after dinner go pm meet up darling ann, niie & her dj
then we just walk around..
bcoz whether is damn hot
so we going BRJ yum cha..
so my dear is coming to join us..
actually today he going to clubbing with his brothers...
but he dun1 go coz is ma fan coz no ppl fetch him...
sorry dear laopo made u cant go clubbing with ur brothers...
haha so he going to yum cha with us later
our 2nd round is A & W at Amcorp Mall there...
we separated seat..
we seat at outside...
then our that dear say tonite got football match..
so our 3rd round is BRJ again...
Josiah with his 1 fren, ann, me & my dear....
today is Manchester United VS Totterham...
my god...half time is 0-2...
we seat jor 45 minutes then is waste time lo..
then we bak home..dear continue watch at home
dim ji my god....kei jik leh haha...
5-2 leh..my god...MANU is the best..
damn geng de...i damn like that Rooney 10...
he damn geng de...haha so finally we didn't waste time leh haha
yeah~~~ happy sei...like i got play gem haha..

sunday whole day stay at home again..
coz noon dear go kick futsal with josh & his fren at Kuchai Lama
then after he finish futsal already 5something 6pm lu...
cham de..i whole day din eat leh...
then noon finish up my movie- 学警狙击 EU
damn geng de...then continue my new movie 大冬瓜
this movie is damn mou liu de...but is okie la already..
then finish bath go out eat my breakfast & dinner...
we go midah having dinner then after that bak home lu..
then i continue my homework...
coz tuesday pass up leh..
then after done it me n dear watch tv- genius go go go & beatuful cooking..
is damn funny de...somemore got justin & stephy & alex leh...haha
got many leng zai & leng lui de...

today Sin Mun bring me a plant..
damn big de wor...
but quite nice...haha
then noon dear come fetch me go lunch...
yeah~~then 5pm dear come fetch me go college leh...
thanks dear every monday also come fetch me go lunch & college..
thanks so much..laopo love u dear...
muacks...love u always de laopo..
jc love forever...

24 April 2009

fierce day

last 2days i borrow 1 book from my company
is call scret woman...
then is got some hamsap thing de..
actually is knowledge..
but custom is stop our stock..
finally now reach our store already
& finish seelling to popular & other external customer...
haha i waiting got stock i will buy 1...
is rm28..u can find the book from popular..
but i buy is more cheaper coz got 30% ma haha..
so just only rm19.60...haha

this is the book i said
this is the 1st topic
haha...then is bored day today...
haih i damn fierce de coz keep scold ppl..
coz those ppl always chase me this & that...
i dun like ppl chase me thing de...
like dun trust me gem...haiyo
shit de wor...haih then my hp yao got problem leh..
cant sent msg...made me & my dear argue..
till now he still haven msg me at all...
shit de wor...last time jao calls record lost d...
now yao cant sent msg...
but is okie liao mayb digi urgrate something ba...haha
haih sien ar? wana buy new hp de SE G705...
but is expensive now rm800++ so i waiting drop price...
then that ppl yao always like dun want go college gem..
coz i sit his car go geter de...
so i today call those sales team..
see who gonna go out fetch me along to lrt
then i take lrt go there...
haih sien lo..always like that..
shit...they call me buy car wor...
harlu my l lesen haven get it leh..
somemore my notebook haven buy yet..
so where got extra money to buy car..
i now wana change better job..
my classmate say her company is public bank....
so i will try sent resume go see interview me anot..
then my lecturer say got job intro to me also..
so i just wait them & sent resume lu...haha
yeah better change work...hate here much...

20 April 2009

Bangi training

saturday i go Bangi hear 6 hours course before i can a L lesen
haih is damn bored de..
but luckily got Shan pui me jek..
haha thanks her alot..
if not i think i bored le...
finish 3 hours at air cond class...
after that we need go outside hear those enjin de...
my god is damn hot de leh..
then got 1 malay girl pengsan d..
cham de...after finish we still need at outside
wait those worker come bak
then we onli can bak home...
why they dun let us go in de class leh
outside damn hot de leh..
so bad de ppl herh...hate
then uncle say need to wait 1 week
i onli can get me L lesen
then onli can start learn car..

our class

shan bring the muffin liek 'ham dan' haha

me & shan

17 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Mun Wey

today celebrate mun wey birthday
actual date is tml actually...
haha then we early morning at 11something
apple take a cake for him..
then take few picture is below...
Happy Birthday to Mun Wey...
Happy Birthday
Novum family
me & mun wey & mun

me & mun & apple
me & sin mun

16 April 2009

Sushi King

yesterday i finished by 9.30pm..
wow me is the last leh..
haha geng nya actually i at office doing my assignment
while waiting my dear come fetch me..
thanks dear give me time to do my assignment..
then we go LM there eat sushi..
today no need q up just straight go in eat jek
but no place for sitting near train lo..
cham de..we sit behind leh
so just eat little jek leh..
we ate jor 15 plates..
but abit expensive leh..
coz when we go cashier
she say we eat jor 4 plate is original price
so total is rm46++ leh...
aiyo better i go eat without any promotion
more tasty food leh..
like my favourite Ebikko...haha
then back home take a rest & sleep lu...
today & tml i going to office by 7.00am..
coz my dad he this few days going working
so will very early go out..
so this few days dear at my home over9
then morning fetch me go work
then he onli go work..luckily dear din late for work jek..
but will very tired lo..so early gonna wake up..
sorry dear made u so tired...
still wana fetch me go work & back from class..
today morning i reached office
then i open door coz i got key..
dim ji the alarm ring until non-stop leh
i also duno y will ring de leh..
then my manager Ms.Wee she is came d...
she ask me izit din put de password
so made de alarm ring crazy..
sorry leh i reali duno wana put password before come in de leh..
haih i am so sorry...
made me so fish lo..haih...cham de...
then continue my assignment just finish intro & part 1 jek..
i think i will let lecturer check it later..
scare later got problem then will fail leh..
cham mou? if no problem i will continue my part 2 & conclusion...
wish me can pass today...is okie no problem about my assignment..

15 April 2009

Happy Candy Valentine Day

yesterday is Happy Candy Valentine Day
me have class till 9.15pm
then dear come fetch me..
i bought dear a box of sweet
is black current flavour...
but dear lie me say that he din buy anything..
at last he taking 1 HL box..
inside have few sweet in different flavour..
have ribena, 100 mango & grape, & clorets...

this is the sweet gave from dear..

haha..damn happy de...feel so sweet..haha"
ytd i borrow Sushi King card from my friend
then tot after class can go eat sushi de...
dim ji haih i reached LM there
damn many people is q up there...
cham mou..
finally we go eat at Gilly cafe..
just step in the cafe
i saw Danny again..
we have just say Hi..
actually saw him at there is not a suprise..
coz i always go there also will asw him
but once i saw him i will thinking Hang'z...
haha..she haven come bak KL
abit miss her tim..haha
duno how ar she?? but she say she come bak on May
then at class my friend say her company is Public Bank
bank the interest very good de...
i wana change job lu..
if her there hire people
i might be go there try..
coz she say MC 1 year have 30days...
then annual leave juz 14days
every year have bonus of rm1000++...
somemore bank is more good than here Popular..
so i will find dou job jao gonna bye bye from here..
wish myself good luck ba...

today i no class..yeah~~
hope today can go eat dou sushi lo..
if reali damn many ppl jao suen la..
next time ba? haha..
but today i think will OT
coz this month haven ot before
then wana do my assignment oso leh..
so muz ot then wait dear come fetch me ba...
wow talk le so long i oso haven go NZX before leh..
chinese new year go before
but all the shop no open..
till now say wana go also no chance...
haih...but i noe my dear promise me before
so he will bring me go soon...haha

14 April 2009

Happy 21st Birthday to Hong

Happy 21st Bithday to Hong..
wish all ur dream come true..
yesterday nite we go sing k for celebrate Hong's birthday..
room 38 at Cheras Plaza Neway..is a big big room..
i reached by 10.30pm...
some of them already reached by 10pm..
then is quite many people are coming de..
haha they give him a big present..
my dear buy a red wine & Condom for him...haha
damn funny de..but they are abit noisy
coz people sing k over here..
they playing 'duda' over there...
then we back on 1.30am lidet...
because is damn tired de...
coz i finished my class..
then rush to bak home and dress up
din ate dinner come out again...

happy birthday to hong
mei wen & me... me & dear & our brother
dear & his best brother
see dear doing wat?

we & with birthday boy
hong's present...
his brothers
Qin En & Junee
happy birthday

08 April 2009

Movie Day

today i have no class yeah~~
dear off day too..
so he just stay at my home sleeping
until i lucnh time..i tot he will wake up on time de
dim ji fail again..i 1pm call him
"where are u dear?"
he said "ha i still sleeping oh"...
oh my god..i waiting him until 1.35pm
i tot bring dear go eat malay food
but he say very hot so just go eat ban mee lo...
come bak office already 2.30pm...haha
then i booking ticket for (Shinjuku Incident)

i booking 7pm in Mid Valley...
actually today date aNn & her baby boy-Josh watch movie geter
dim ji Josh have training..
so aNn din follow us to Mid Valley..
then i finished work by 5pm..
i call dear again " where are you dear"
he said " i am sleeping again"
i answer that "ha sleeping again ar? i finshed work by 5pm la"
he said " not 6pm meh"
my god then i wait him come again
fetch me by 5.30pm cham de...
reached Mid Valley..go take ticket 1st
then go for our dinner at Kim Gary...
6.30pm only order the food...
luckily we din late for the movie...haha
after watch movie just only 9.30pm...
walk ha then go Sweet Chat take away our favourite Durian Pancake
dim ji on the way go parking
we saw 1 stall selling Pancake also...
but just only rm10...suen ba??
try ha new 1 lo...not tasty la..
next time dun eat at Sweet Chat le...

our favourite Honey lemon green tea & Milo kosong

07 April 2009

Shopping day with DarlingzZ..

today hang out with my darling aNn...
we taking lrt go to BukitBintang...
we eat ar Mdm Wong...
wow damn cheap..just only half price...
but the drinks not tasty at all lo...
we 2 just only eat jor Rm16...geng lu...
then went to 6th floor
we saw a new shop..
i saw a purse but the kulit not leng
not good touch lo..so i duno wana but it anot?
but ann saw 1 baf she said wana to buy it...
so we are going to buy it on coming saturday
but ann found 1 bag that
she keep finding at TS, Sg Wang & from internet
that 1 is the last...
so she asking her Baby Boy..
at last i bring her go buy it..
bcoz is last la wei..if tomorrow she come back
mayb let people buy it d la..
2nd round went to Pavilion shopping..
last saturday i got tried few shirt
tot today can buy it..
dim ji try 2nd time jao dun like it jor...
finally i din bought anything for myself...
just bought 1 shirt from Topman for my dear...
after that tot go Zen for yum cha
dim ji close jor leh..shit
then we went to Forever 21 there yum cha de...
suddenly ann say go for Jackie's cafe
then we went to Lot 10...
keep chit-chatting with ann till 5something
wow is damn long time din chit-chat with her la..
& din shopping crazy with her jor..
thanks my dar ann today pui me shopping
& chat around...thanks so much muacks..
6pm i taking lrt go to my college
ann taking lrt too but is back home..
Li Ling besides me...
she borrow few books from library
all alos about our coursework...
shit next week gonna pass up la..
then she said her friend is workign at Padini
she can get 30/40%....wow yeah!!
thanks Li Ling...i can buy my lovely Seed's skirt la...
then after class dear come fetch me...
going go Midah's Shell pulm oil...
dim ji suddenly tayar bocor jor leh...
luckily at Mc Donald there jek...

me & darling aNn
at MNG
at Nichii

Jackie's Chan cafe
our Moca drinks

Boring day at home


today i just at home waiting dear finished work come back...
then i continue my movie...
after dear is came back..
heis damn tired of working
& his head damn pain de..
so we cancel go shopping already...
i continue my movie too until 82 episode..
my god is damn long the movie..
at last the conclusion there like not very good gem
although her mummy is did not die...
i is saying movie (珠光宝气)
haha..then actually we decide to go eat 炖品
but finished up movie already 6something le...
so we change place for our dinner..
actually dear date wen hao & kylie geter de...
but they just reached TS
so just both of us go eat steamboat at Jln Peel
near Carrefour there de Queen's Park...


today & tomorrow i am taking leave
bcoz our dept. gonna help warehouse stoke take 2days
so i just take leave & take a rest lo...
tot dear today is off day de
then we can go shopping ma..
dim ji his shop the uncle is take leave d...
so he just working ba..
in afternoon i date le mei ling go yum cha at Brj
he 1st time drive alone wor..
but still okie la haha..
at least i not scare lo...haha
her new car Myvi WSH 1990...haha
then noon 5something daddy fetch me go college
after class dear come fetch me go for our dinner..
wow is damn strong de us...cham mou..
we eat at KK 118 food court..
is damn long time din eat at there lo..
wow we 2 people eat 4 foods leh...
likes Ikan bakar, Chicken chop rice, Sushi & Sotong kangkung..
we ate d rm40...wow
geng ar?? damn tasty & have 'mun guk gem' lo..haha
thanks dear bring me go there eat oh...
muacks sek sai u oh...muacks

04 April 2009

Off Day...

today actually got English test at 2pm-5pm...
then me & heng go find dear lunch...
yeah~~tasty de lam mee...
but quite expensive de wor..
thanks dear for treat me eat lunch...
after lunch already 2something...
then we cancel for the test..
but i got call ask my consultant for info
she said that if today i din go..
i next week also goona go take test de...
so just suen ba...
then we contact Theresa for shopping
she is quite happy that coz she wana skip her class actually
haha..then we meet at Pavilion...
wow is walking damn long de..
damn tired de..i just bought 1 white jenas from Nichii
& 1 shirt from Forever 21...
wow today i tried damn many shirt de...
i wana but that Seed skirt leh...
is damn leng de..but RM129 leh..shit mou..
thnking wana buy it anot..
then went to MNG tried 1 shirt wuite nice..
RM55..finally i din bought it..
tot wait till tues out with aNn only go try again
then noon i back dear's house for waiting him come bak from work..
we go Midah pasar malam..& having dinner at there..
wow we bought many food but all also not tasty de..
shit de wor..haih...
midnight we having movie at TS

(Fast & Furious 4) damn nice de leh...
i damn like this movie & another 1 is call (Death Race)
bcoz this 2 movie oso from Vin Diesel...
after finished our movie already 2am...

me & Theresa

this is the MNG shirt

my dearest lao gong..muacks