13 March 2010

i am back

long time did not write my blog le..
i think the last blog is my lovely birthday till now le..
i now damn free ntg to do..
so just wrote my blog and mood now..
i damn hate malay guys leh..
is them langgar my car still wana i paid..
bull shit and fuck off...
hate so much...if got 1 day i meng de wa
sure i go burn off ur burger stall lo..
keep give me fucking reason say no money
or bank problem cant transfer money..
is this a reason...sure u duno i am doing at bank too leh
haha...hate u all....FUCK OFF...
okie cool down...
i gonna start my sem4 on next monday le..
so fast haven rest enough jao wana start my new sem le..
the unlucky thing is i miss out my exam leh..
i need resit that paper on may..
and i already saw my may 2010 de focus area
is damn hard de leh who made me like this...
is those malay guys leh...diuz~~
haih but anyway already end this..
coz i already repair my car rm700 le...
luckily my dad say paid me 400 jek...haih
i this month reali cham de...
"poh choi dong zoi" wor...haih
i dun trust it lo pls...haih
erm thanks alot my lovely dear always beside me..
i give ppl langgar he luckily at there help me settle
if not i sure die 99 le..
somemore he that day helping me go sunway sell clothes..
although just sell 1 la..but is gd also le..
better than ntg le...who gonna buy clothes or cousin sister
can buy from me now i doing clearance sales leh..
all rm30-35...pls inform me..
i dun1 those stock le...pls help help me clear it can??
and our malacca plan already done le..
we going on 3 & 4 apr 2010....yeah
we now confirm got 10 ppl go le..
so gonna 2 cars going...
and my birthday i xiong go trip leh..
either penang or langkawi leh..
izit u all free?? coz celebrate at kl like sien leh
haha but yao out of budget wor...can how?
cham de...help!!! this year reali not gd to me leh...
haih..can i die for this year 1st?? haha
k la duno wana say wat le..
see u guys on next monday...
and see my lovely dear tonite ba..
muacks...love u so much..

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